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Most survivors of sexual assaults are silent and do not realize the resources at their disposal. Help us in our plight to reach silent survivors of sexual assault. 

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Silent Screams Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.



When someone is assaulted they may notify authorities or a rape crisis center, at which time the victim is assigned an advocate.  The advocate helps the victim get acclimated in the process of recovery. They assist them and guide them in needed areas. 

Legal Services

The legal system can be confusing to most. There are felony cases and civil cases. Felony cases are filed by the District Attorney whereas civil cases can be filed by the victim. Do your due diligence. Research attorneys with experience in sexual assault cases. Most crime victims have the right to file a civil lawsuit. seeking financial compensation from the perpetrator.

Children’s Services

Children’s services focus on the needs of children 17 years of age or younger. CPS, foster care, adoption agencies, child support groups, trauma services and family shelters and other centers all have services for children. some are government initiated while others are not government regulated. 

Mental Health

Mental health disorder is a wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior. It includes our emotional, psychological, mental and social well-being. A large percentage of the U.S population at some point in their life experiences some type of mental health challenge. In fact it is common. Sexual assault survivors experience mental health challenges.

Counseling Services

Counseling is very important to a sex crime survivor. There are varied degrees of symptoms so varied degrees of counseling treatments are needed. Counseling can come fom friends, family, clergy and professionals. The impwould be needed.  Be very wise in choosing a therapist or counselor.


A sex crime survivor may be forced to live in a shelter as the result of the crime committed against her or him. If the survivor is not able to provide financially for themselves, due to physical, mental or emotional inability caused by the assault they often end up at a shelter. This can add more stress however it can also be a place of help and resources.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a worldwide epidemic. Children and adults are trafficked for various reasons. Sex slaves and cheap labor are two of the main reasons. There are numerous types of sex slavery from private citizens to sex slavery being a business commodity.

Support Groups

There is a wide range of sexual assault support groups. Support groups range from confidential conversations only to class programs that take months to complete. Support groups are a safe environment for victims of sex crimes and very beneficial for their healing journey. Support groups are places of encouraging, empowering, empathy and understanding.

More Survivor Helps

Types of Sex Crimes

List of the different types of sex crimes.  Would you know if a sex crime has been committed against you or someone you know?

Different Types of Sex Crimes

Assault Do's and Dont's

Information on what to do to avoid sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Do’s and Dont’s

How to Respond to a Suvrivor

List of suggested statements that help survivors on their healing journey and a list of statements that should be avoided.

How to Respond to a Survivor

Chart of Reporting Choices

Chart of legal options a victim has after they have been assaulted. This chart gives more clarity to the process and decisions a survivor has to make.

I Was Raped, Now What!


Clery Abuse

Here you will find articles and links to websites on religious or clergy abuse cases and information.


Advice for Clergy Abuse Victims

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Silent Screams Men discusses topics pertaining specifically to men and sex crimes.

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July 14, 2018, 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Three hours of fun, fellowship and friends, catered lunch, jazz band, entertainment, gifts and more. More to come.

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We are here for you.  Online Survivor Support, Counseling & Therapy Support,  Survivor Community Support,  Community Education & Awareness We are the perfect service for – Survivors who are not ready to reveal the crime but need to connect to resources.Survivors who need a discreet outlet. Survivors who feel isolated, alone and hopeless. Male survivors who feel imprisoned in their pain.