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Community connection and resource service for sexual assault survivors

Contact: 1855-744-5550, local:972-850-8036

Are you a silent screamer? Do you need a safe place to share your story?

Silent Screams Inc. is a service committed to offering quality resources to survivors of sex crimes. Victimization leaves many with anxiety disorders, addictions, low self-esteem, shattered trust, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, etc. Silent Screams has a virtual network of professionals, services and support groups ready to encourage you to overcome the effects of trauma through gaining mental and emotional wellness. Our clients are both female and male.  

Resources For Survivors 


The advocate helps the victim get acclimated in the process of recovery. They assist survivors in navigating through the cycles grief and trauma. 

Legal Services

Attorneys help the survivor through the legal process. Felony cases are filed by the District Attorney. Civil cases can be filed by the victim. Find an attorney with experience in sex assault cases. 

Children’s Services

Children’s services focus on the needs of children 17 years of age or younger. CPS, foster care, child support groups, trauma services, family shelters, etc. 

Mental Health

Mental health disorder is a wide range of conditions that affects our emotional, psychological, mental and social well-being. Sexual assault survivors experience mental health challenges.

Counseling Services

Professional counselors and therapists are very important to a sex crime survivor. They help the survivor navigate the different degrees of grief and trauma.


A shelter is a temporary place of residence for domestic violence and sex crime survivors who find themselves homeless or in danger due to a crime committed against them. 

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the action of illegally transporting people from one country or state to another for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Support Groups

Support groups are safe environments for victims of sex crimes that provide encouragement, empowerment, empathy, and understanding They are very beneficial for the healing journey. 

Silent Screams Speaks

Carolyn’s Corner

We have been off the air for a few months due to illness. Silent Screams Speaks is coming back on the air in January 2020.We are ready to get back on the air. The studio incurred some water damage a month ago and had to relocate. As soon as the studio gives us the go, we will be back.

Gift of Chocolate

Published by Carolyn J Hudson, 12-30-2019

I love me some good chocolate. I went to bed last night thinking, tomorrow I’m getting chocolate. Excitement rose in me as I thought about going to the store today and purchasing quality chocolate candy.

More Survivor Helps – Call 972-850-8036 for additional services and information

Types of Sex Crimes
List of the different types of sex crimes.  Would you know if a sex crime has been committed against you or someone you know? Different Types of Sex Crimes

Assault Do's and Dont's
Information on what to do to avoid sexual assault. Sexual Assault Do’s and Dont’s

How to Respond to a Suvrivor
List of suggested statements that help survivors on their healing journey and a list of statements that should be avoided. How to Respond to a Survivor

Chart of Reporting Choices
Chart of legal options a victim has after they have been assaulted. This chart gives more clarity to the process and decisions a survivor has to make. I Was Raped, Now What!

Clery Abuse
Here you will find articles and links to websites on religious or clergy abuse cases and information. Links Advice for Clergy Abuse Victims

Sex Crime Statistics

An extensive list of sex crime statistics listed in detailed categories. Listed by gender, age, and more

Sex Crime Statistics

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