All we need is a few good men. All it takes for evil to prosper is that good men do nothing. There has been an incredible amount of news in the media about sexual abuse, harassment, assault, etc. A majority of the news has been about priests and church leaders committing sexual crimes.  Though it appears to be a good percentage of church leaders committing these crimes, I believe there is a greater percentage of Godly church leaders that abhor what others in the religious community are committing. But where are you, godly church leaders? Why are you silent? It would be such a boost in the heart of the survivor if we knew you existed.

At one time I mentioned on my radio show and to some leaders about having a clergy march. I thought it was a fantastic idea and those I shared it with thought so as well. I still believe it’s a fantastic idea but I realized I am not the one to present it.  I am not a man in authority in church leadership. It must come from the heart of the church leaders. Since it is male clergy committing these horrible crimes it must come from the heart of male clergy leadership that support survivors. A clergy march is the perfect way to introduce the community of survivors to supportive church leaders.Leadership remains publicly silent and therefore gives more voice to the evils perpetrated against the innocent. Can the church publicly stand in support of sex crime survivors as the Methodist church leaders did for Botham Sean Jean?

Who are you? Where are you? Outside of your church, the religious community no one knows you. We need to know you. We need to know that you exist. We need to believe you are a safe place and that we can come to you for help, not religion, help!  What are you doing to support the millions of survivors of traumatic sexual assaults? How are you reaching the un-churched and those who refuse traditional church life because of the assault against them?

All it takes for evil to prosper is that good men do nothing. I believe there are many godly church leaders that empathize with survivors of sex crimes. Survivors need to know you support them. Survivors need to know you care and you empathize with their struggles, their pain. Can you reach us, the victims and survivors of sex crime? Are you willing to walk out the walls of the church into the community and connect with those that carry the emotional weights of assault? All it takes for evil to prosper is that good men do nothing.