About the Director

Carolyn J Hudson – Carolyn J. Hudson is a survivor, speaker, advocate and the Founding Director of Silent Screams Inc. Silent Screams Inc. is a resource service for survivors of sex crimes. Carolyn is the host of Silent Screams Speaks, a radio platform that gives survivors, advocates, and community services a place to share the plight, flight, and services for sex crime survivors. Carolyn is as a multi assault survivor knows the difficulties and challenges a survivor faces when they choose to be silent and when they choose to pursue justice. After years of silence from assaults she rediscovered her voice after being assaulted by a church elder in 2008, who had AIDS. Realizing she could not be silent anymore, Hudson reported the assault. The rapist has been serving prison time since 2010.

As the Founding Director of Silent Screams Inc. Carolyn stays abreast of important issues in the sexual assault community by attending webinars, conferences and, workshops along with networking with various services in the local community. She a fighter for justice and very passionate in the work.

Hudson is member and former vice-chair of the Crime Victims Council of Dallas County (CVCDC), member of Dallas County Sexual Assault Coalition (DCSAC, currently closed), a member of Survivors Network of Those abused by Priests (SNAP) and TAASA (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault). Collaboration with other important services such as Arise Int’l, Women Called Moses, Healing Hearts, Families to Freedom.  Carolyn has created workshops, luncheons, and other events for the purpose of bringing awareness and understanding to the community of the resources and help available to them.

Carolyn is an author, educator, and entrepreneur. She is licensed in biblical studies and natural health. She received her ministerial license from Word of Life Covenant Church and The Potters House, both in Dallas, Texas. Ms. Hudson received her ordination license from Say So International Deliverance Ministry in Dallas, Texas in 2012. She received her license in natural health from the Trinity School of Natural Health in Warsaw, Indiana.

Carolyn J Hudson is the author of “Journey into Intercession, Basic Training. In natural health, Carolyn is the author of Sweet Seduction, An Expose on Self Destruction”, a natural health book that uses the history of the bible to explain the American state of health. She is a published author of ‘Samaiah’s Grandma and the King, true short stories of her adventures with God. Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, Carolyn J Hudson has been a citizen of the Dallas area since 1984.


Silent Screams Inc.

In September of 2013 Ms. Hudson registered Silent Screams Inc. as a 501c3 organization. Silent Screams services survivors through informing, educating and engaging the community, therefore, improving the life of the community. Silent Screams has a virtual network of professionals, support groups, and advocates ready to assist survivors walk the journey to recovery and victory. We reach hundreds of survivors through our local events such as our signature women’s event in July, our men’s workshop in May of each year and facilitating and speaking to local groups. In December 2017 Silent Screams launched it’s first radio show “Silent Screams Speaks”, on the Fishbowl Radio Network. With this increased presence we are able to reach more survivors and help the community understand the plight and fight of survivors and their families.

“The healing journey for all survivors of rape and sexual assault varies. The average time to heal is five years. It may take longer for survivors who have not addressed the effects of the attack and hold it within themselves. Because of the triggers that pop up throughout a survivors lifetime healing may be a life long journey. Many survivors lead successful lives in spite of it all. No matter where you are on your healing journey, we are here for you. You are not defined by what happened to you. We are here to help you move past the effects of sexual assaults into being the best you that you can. Be encouraged!”

Carolyn J Hudson explains Silent Screams Inc. 2017