Group of Diverse People

Silent Screams Inc.

Silent sexual assault survivors are the largest category of sexual assault survivors in this nation.


Silent Screams Inc has joined with other sex and domestic violence organizations to combat sex crimes and assist victims and survivors in their healing process. OUR FOCUS IS THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS OF SURVIVORS whether it is physical or emotional. Pages written by professionals, testimonies from survivors , the health and wellness self help area and blog all help us reach our target market, survivors who prefers to communicate incognito on-line. 

Our Mission:
 is to embrace, empower, encourage and inform survivors.

Our Goal:

is that through our voice and other advocacy voices silent survivors will begin their healing journey and the community will awaken and mobilizes against the horrendous acts of sex crimes. 
We embrace, encourage, empower and inform survivors of resources available to help them live a healed life.

Embrace – Connect with someone that understands and is sensitive to your trauma and the journey you are walking. Silent Screams, Inc. has a network of professionals, support groups and advocates ready to walk this journey with you to recovery and victory.

Encourage – Our websites caters to victims of sex crimes who live in silence every day. The website is a place where survivors can safely express themselves and connect to other survivors and supporters.

Empower – Our mission is to re-empower the survivors by supplying them with the support, the skills and tools they need to move forward beyond the trauma, including an on-line forum, directory of resources, information on healing through nutrition and more. There is life after trauma.

Inform – Through information and education articles and events Silent Screams, Inc. supplies the silent screamer with tools in various subjects beneficial to their life and restoration.

We are the perfect service for –

  • Victims and survivors who never reported the crime against them but need to connect..
  • Victims and survivors who feel isolated, alone hopeless, etc.
  • Victims and survivors who need a discreet outlet.
  • Victims and survivors who are not ready to reveal themselves to the support community.