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                             Who We Are, What We Do


Who We Are – We are a non-profit 501(c) resource organization for survivors of sex crimes. We provide materials that aid survivors in healing and restoring their lives. We are an online service for those who find themselves trapped in silence. It is a place of connection, resources and helps, community support, education and awareness articles.

Our purpose is to provide silent sexual assault survivors with a virtual support team consisting of materials for physical, mental and emotional health.

 Why We Are – Most survivors of sex crimes carry their pain in silence. They believe it’s necessary to keep the attack to themselves and quietly and privately bandage their wound(s). They quietly carry the tragedy throughout their lives not realizing the negative effects the assault has had and will have on them and their family if it is not addressed.  Many coping skills silent survivors choose can be detrimental to their healing. Silent Scream gives the survivor discreet access to some of the resources vocal survivors use.

What We Do – Help Survivors – We connect survivors to information and resources that are imperative for their healing process. Along with the online resources we also set up booths at community events, fairs, church functions and conferences to connect with victims of sex crimes and help them connect to the resources that best fit their situation.

Support Advocates– We volunteer and collaborate with other advocacy agencies. We support them in their support of survivors in areas such as training, attending community meetings, advocate events, etc.

Serve  Community–  We speak at various venues to educate the community about sexual crimes. We believe that through our voice and the voices of other advocates the community will awaken and mobilize against the horrendous acts of sex crimes.

Signature Event – In July of each year we hold our signature event, Celebrate Life – Afternoon Delight. Celebrate Life – Afternoon Delight is an elaborate women’s gala, for sexual assault survivors and the community.  We also hold a men’s event “What Would You Do If…”, a men’s awareness and engaging breakfast. We have an online community campaign, Community Strong, a campaign to connect the community and create visible support for survivors.

In December 2017 Silent Screams launched it’s first radio show “Silent Screams Speaks”, on the Fishbowl Radio Network. With this increased presence we are able to reach more survivors and help the community understand the plight and fight of survivors and their families.