Silent! Why So Long?

Why So Long? Why does it take some victims years to come forward, sometimes twenty, thirty years or more? The answer is very simple especially for those of us who have been victims of sex crime. Two main reasons is fear and shame. Fear of rejection, I will be rejected and what I say as […]

There is Life After Trauma

Written By Carolyn J. Hudson, Wow! It’s been six years since that horrible night that I was raped by an elder of the church I attended at that time. That violation dramatically changed my life on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, financial, social and most of all spiritual.   It was catalytic in nature.  It was […]

My Story – The Day After

My Story – The Day After – The night of October 4, 2008 I was raped by an elder of my former church who had AIDS. It’s time to share segments of my story on this website to encourage survivors that there is hope, healing and happiness after the hell of sexual assault. Journey Begins  […]