• Chairman – Carolyn J Hudson

  • Carolyn JCP Pics Jan 2012
  • Ms. Hudson is the Founding Director of Silent Screams Inc., a resource service for survivors of sex crimes. She is the host of Silent Screams Speaks, a radio show that gives survivors of sex crimes, advocates and community services a platform to share the plight, flight, and services for sex crime survivors. Carolyn knows the difficulties and challenges a survivor faces when they choose to pursue justice. After 35 years of freedom from assaults in 2008, Carolyn was assaulted by an elder of the church she attended. The elder had full-blown AIDS. Ms. Hudson reported the assault and the rapist is now serving prison time. She realized she could not be silent anymore and a few years later she began speaking publicly against sex crimes. Carolyn is a fighter for justice and very passion.
  • Carolyn is a volunteer speaker for the Dallas County Juvenile Department and a volunteer group facilitator at Hope Mansion in Cedar Hill, Texas. Carolyn is former vice-chair of the Crime Victims Council of Dallas County (CVCDC), member of Dallas County Sexual Assault Coalition (DCSAC) and TAASA (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault).
  • Carolyn J Hudson is the author of “Journey into Intercession, Basic Training, a training in intercession and spiritual warfare. In natural health Carolyn is the author of Sweet Seduction, An Expose on Self Destruction”, a natural health book that uses the history of the bible to explain the American state of health. She is a published author of ‘Samaiah’s Grandma and the King, true short stories of her adventures with God. Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, Carolyn J Hudson has been a citizen of the Dallas area since 1984.
  • Vice Chair, Advisor– Dr. Brenda Means

    Dr. Brenda MeansDr. Brenda Means travels extensively in the U.S., and abroad. She was assistant pastor at the Fellowship of Jesus Christ Church in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Years later on returning to Germany Dr. Means served as the Senior Pastor of Velburg Truth Center in Velberg, Germany. She was ordained as the first female Apostle under the leadership of Apostle J. Lee, and First Lady Cynthia Gordon, of Ramah Prophetic Ministries, in Fayetteville, Ga.In the states, Dr. Brenda Means is a former elder of The Potter’s House and an instructor at the Potter’s Institute, under the leadership of Bishop T.D. Jakes located in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Means is now under Apostle Doctor Harfouche and his wife Apostle Doctor Robin Harfouche, of Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church of Pensacola, Florida, where she received her doctorate.

  • Dr. Means has twelve years of experience as a certified respiratory therapist working in various hospitals and emergency rooms. She also worked as a special education teacher in Plano ISD for nine years.Dr. Brenda Means values the importance of church, and family unity. She has been married for over 37 years to Dwight Means. They are the proud parents of six lovely children. They reside together in Round Rock, Texas.
  • Secretary – Theadora Perkins

  • Tedi PerkinsTedi is short for Theadora. At the age of 17 Tedi was sexually abused by a man that she trusted.  She was left to feel hopeless, alone and ashamed for many years. Although she met her husband at 18 and got married at the age of 19, those negative feelings from the abuse continued throughout a great deal of her adulthood.  After being a stay at home mom for several years, Tedi went to work for a private business as an administrative assistant. She worked there for 20 years before she retired.  Now she has the pleasure of spending her time working with Silent Screams, giving women who suffer from sexual abuse the resources they need to heal.  Tedi is also currently involved with CVCDC, which are several organizations in the DFW area which assist people who have been victims of different types of abuse and crime.  Tedi was born in Los Angeles, California, has been married for 45 years.  Together she and her husband have three children, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.
  • Board Member – Osiris Wade

    Osiris Wade –  Father, Psychotherapist, LPC-Supervisor at Wade Counseling of Frisco. Mr. Wade has been in private practice as a mental health counselor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. For the last ten years, he worked with individuals, teens, and families impacted by depression, trauma, and assault. He continues to provide lectures, mental health, and wellness seminars for the community to provide support where it is needed


  • Board Member – Jacqueline Marshall

  • Jacqueline Denise Marshall is minister who has served in the church for over forty years.  She gracefully utilizes her ability to clearly connect with others and communicate the infallible truth of God’s Word to everyone she meets. From national conferences, women’s retreats, seminars, to her daily life, Ms. Marshall encouraging them to maximize their God-given potential despite their hurtful past. This includes physical, sexual and mental abuse that has left them deeply scarred.

    Jacque earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She exemplified her teaching and leadership skills with children as well as administrators of the Public School System in Michigan for over 35 years.  While in Michigan, she ministered and served in leadership roles to the women at the Nehemiah Church.  She raised three children of her own and fostered over 43 juvenile youth from the Michigan area.

    Jacque is the Founder and Executive Director of Women of Wholeness Ministries (W.O.W.). She created a Bible study entitled Becoming a Woman of Wholeness Interactive Study along with a 40-day devotional entitled New Season, New You!  Jacque serves as the Program Director at Hope Mansion, a maternity home for young women who are pregnant and homeless. In September 2012, she was appointed to the United Covenant Churches of Christ (UCCC) National Cabinet as the National Director for the Women’s Department.

  • Advisor – Lisa Kendzior

  •  Lisa KendziorLisa Kendzior is the director of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) She is not an abuse survivor herself but has a family member who is a survivor of clergy abuse and is the mother of a daughter who suffered Military Sexual Trauma while at the US Naval Academy.  Until recently, Lisa facilitated a monthly self-help support group for men and women who were abused by spiritual and religious authority figures of all denominations. Her ministry is to provide a source of hope and empowerment for survivors of clergy sexual abuse through listening, sharing, releasing and ultimately receiving understanding and support from each another at these monthly meetings.