Stand, Speak, Support, Serve, Stop

1.STAND – Stand up in your community. What can you do to help your community be a safe community? Stand with the community. Stand in place of a victim who can no longer stand.

2.SPEAK – Speak up in your community. Be the voice of a victim that has been silenced. Be the voice of the survivor who cannot speak. Speak up in conversations. When you see something of question speak up, speak out. You may save a life. Tell your own story, speak your conviction, speak your truth. It is very empowering and liberating.

3.SUPPORT – Support the survivor by listening, not blaming nor judging them. Support by speaking out. Support by getting involved with advocate organizations. Support by having presentations at your business, place of worship on sex crimes.Support by financially giving to agencies that help survivors of sex crimes. Support bills presented before  congress that make our community safe against sex crimes.

4.SERVE  –  Volunteer your time, talents, expertise. Help us be the voice of the voiceless. Stay in the fight. Stay alert to this crime in our community. Stay abreast of the local news.

5.STOP – Stop the infestation, stop the silence, stop ignoring, stop avoiding, and stop doing nothing. When we stand together, speak as one, support survivors and serve we will destroy the infestation in our community and minimize this crime.Whether you stand, speak, support or serve you are doing something to destroy the power of sex crimes in our community.  Rapists, predators, traffickers must be stopped and held accountable for their crime(s).