Rochelle Crockett – Survivor, Author









Rochelle (Neeta Che’Le) was born and raised in a small country town called Osceola, Arkansas where she lived with her Mother and step -Father. Neeta being the oldest of six kids and not the biological daughter of her mother’s husband, never felt the love and nurturing her siblings received. Her childhood memories consisted of whippings and lashing out for things she didn’t do. She contemplated taking her own life numerous times but bailed out later.

Anxious to leave her Mom’s prison right after high school she enrolled in a Baptist College and endured even more heartache, but not even that prepared her for what was ahead in life.  Neeta met a young man in 1995 and vowed she would love him forever, not aware of the hatred this man possessed. Neeta Che’Le survived a 17year abusive relationship and 14 of those boisterous years she was his wife. When she realized that for her to live, she would have to leave and divorce this man she never got to know. She stands today by the unfailing love and awesome grace of God.

She is a proud Mom of 3, a speaker of domestic violence and sexual assault movement, she is the author of six books which 2 are available on Amazon, she is the CEO/Founder of T. E. A. R. S (To End A Rough Start) Ministry. She is seeking to branch out in other areas to help and encourage men and women to speak out against domestic violence and sexual assault.

Neeta Che’Le is the Author of “The Price to Be Me” and “House on Kimbrell Lane”, both books available on  Neeta Che’Le published her first book in 2014, middle school in Osceola, Arkansas.