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Rochelle Washington

Rochelle Washington is a sexual assault survivor and advocate. Rochelle had to pull through sexual abuse and the many life challenges she faced as a single mother. Throughout all the setbacks and challenges in her life, Rochelle has decided to combat setbacks with determination and motivation to be greater than what was expected of her. Rochelle is on a mission to share her story of overcoming adversity with the world.

Since 2009 Bold, Beautiful & Blessed (formerly known as Speakwise) a non-profit organization has allowed Rochelle to pour into lives of women. She is an author, public speaker, transformational coach, entrepreneur and sexual assault advocate, By any means necessary she relies on her creativity to extend positive words of expressions that can be seen on t-shirts (Bold, Beautiful & Blessed), and also in her newly released memoir I Testify-Seven Days of Healing. Rochelle received her Bachelor’s Degree at Dallas Baptist University where she studied Communication and concentrated in areas of leadership and the dynamics of small group and interpersonal communication.

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