Shree Jackson – Human Trafficking






Mrs. Jackson holds a B.A. in Social Work from Texas A & M University Kingsville.  For the past 13 years Shree Jackson has served at-risk youth.   In order to more fully engage in her passion of working with adult survivors of trafficking, Mrs. Jackson started with Dallas County as a Victim Advocate Case Manager in June 2018. Proud owner of Rest in Grace Emergency Shelter for homeless children. 

Prior to Dallas County, Shree worked with Traffick911 as Case Manager and interacted with youth and young adults who were victims of sex trafficking, Shree worked in Collin County as a Juvenile Probation officer and interacted and served At-risk youth across the county. She specialized in direct services to youth and promoted safety and restoration of victims. Mrs. Jackson has several years of experience with CPS as a caseworker for children and families in crisis who needed access to specialized services and support to move forward in life. 

Gifted in organization and developing processes to assist families with issues they face, Mrs. Jackson assists with family reunification, parent monitoring, placement for children in agency care, and investigating child abuse and neglect.