Tiffany Tynes Story

Tiffany Tynes is a courageous survivor of a violent gang rape. Almost losing her life at age 13 she escaped her rapists. A mother and grandmother, she is now living a victorious life.  Read her chilling story of survival.


In 1987 I was walking to school with three other friends that morning exactly at 7:35 AM I was pulled into a yellow Buick two-door. I was taken to my rapist house and was slapped and punched in the face was made to drink a concoction of crown and bleach. I passed out to awaken to him raping me. It seems like a very long time in my mind but when I looked at the clock I had only been there for maybe an hour and 10 minutes.

After he raped me he then forced me to get into the vehicle and lay down in the back seat. He took me to another location in Forest Hill in Fort Worth Texas. Where I was raped by 10 guys. The young man house who it was they were in high school they were seniors in high school. The only thing that I could do was to try to block it out of my mind. I remember being put in the closet because one of the guys’ mother was coming home for lunch. I said to myself if I can make it out alive they will know that I have been in this house. Growing up I would watch a lot of forensics shows so I ended up urinating in the closet just to leave some evidence that was in that house.

Once the mom left to go back to work I could hear the guys talking about they had to get rid of me they didn’t know exactly what they were going to do with me but they knew they had to get rid of me. So in the process they were trying to put me in the car again I took off running I really didn’t know where I was running to but I knew that I had to run and I was fighting for my life.

I ran to this lady‘s house who stated that she normally doesn’t leave her front door open but that day she said that God told her to leave her front door open. I was banging on her glass door crying screaming telling her I needed help. She open up the door she could see it was guys running behind me so she let me in and locked the door immediately she went to the back door locked her back door and close the door. I gave her my grandmother’s number to call and I passed out. Waking up in John Peter Smith hospital. I was surrounded by officers and doctors. I was 13 teen years old when this happened in middle school.

They were caught and received jail time. The one that pulled me in the car was killed before justice could be served. I really haven’t been able to talk about this. I’m thankful for being able to go to counseling and having a supportive family.