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Hudson CarolynJ 2142328959Carolyn J. Hudson is a personal health educator and advocate. A graduate of Trinity College of Natural Health, Carolyn is a Certified Health Specialist and Master Herbalist. As the director of Hudson Health Education Services she teaches how to have a more positive role in health by using natural health tools.  Miss Hudson is also a advocate of bridging the traditional medical industry with the natural health industry for the benefit of offering the best of both worlds to the people. Her heart is to teach people how to walk in excellent health and victory in their life.


Good health is natural. Your body is not programmed to develop disease. Your body does not know how to be sick.  It adjusts its own self for survival. (Dr. M.Ted Morter, Jr., MA)

People are living a shorter life span than they intended. Many are living below the level of health they intended. But what can we do about it?  Is it as hopeless as it appears? Because of limited understanding of our own bodies and limited knowledge on personal health management people find themselves settling for substandard health. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can and must do better.

Every year people and corporations spend more and more millions of dollars on medical insurance and prescriptions. The cost for health maintenance in our society has skyrocketed and made it impossible for the average person to afford health care.

Hudson Health Education Services was established to show how to break the cycle of diet created medical issues whether the issues are physical. emotional or mental and how to combat disease through using healthy life tools. The strongest defense and rescue against poor health is education and application. HHES teaches personal health management skills.


Many diseases arise from diet, lifestyle and attitude. Many people are slowly killing themselves and do not know it. Just because you feel healthy does not mean you are healthy.The average American diet is rich in foods that leave particles in the body that weaken the cells. This in turn aids in the body being susceptible to diseases. After years of putting the wrong foods in the body, the body begins to show signs of this abuse through sickness. Foods also aid in emotional and mental instability or stability.


Food 1Learning health management skills and applying it to your life may not only increase your physical energy level but can increase your mental alertness and emotional stress level as well. The strongest defense against disease is education and application. Educate yourself about your own body and apply the principles and knowledge you learned to maximize your health and increase your years of life.


Hudson Health Education Service  can help you get started. Hudson Health offers group workshops and presentations.We are also available to answer your general health questions. Contact Hudson Health at 855-744-5550. We will be glad to get you started on your road to healthy living.  Twice a month we also will add health articles of interest to the Silent Screams website. We are still under construction. It may take a few months to build a health library..




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