Court, Attorneys

A. First Responder
B. Hospital
C. Advocacy
D. Court/Attorneys
F. Counseling
G. Support Groups
Court/ Attorneys – The police who were the first responders notify the District Attorney’s office. The district attorney may want to meet with the client to determine whether a case should be filed against the rapist. Even if the DA chooses not to file because the case is weak the victim can still file a case and go after the assailant.
Attorneys – The victim has the right to file charges on their own and hire an attorney. Many cases are won this way.

Chuck Noteboom
Hurst, Texas 76053
Office: 817.282.9700
Toll Free: 888.304.9700

Lori Watson
Watson Law Firm
2713 Black Sage Suite 100
Plano Texas 75093
Office: 972-612-2593
Cell: 214-289-4882

Marc Lenehan
2655 Villa Creek Drive
Suite 204
Dallas, Texas 75234
Local: (214) 380 -4095

Tahira Khan Merritt P.L.L.C
8499 Greenville Avenue
Suite 206
Dallas, TX 75231

Toll Free: 877-341-4161
Fax: 214-503-7301

Windell Turley

Turley Law Firm
6440 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75206
Telephone: 214-691-4025
Fax: 214-361-5802

LASSA (Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assaults)

Mil Mujeres
1220 River Bend Dr. Suite 105
Dallas, TX 75247
1-888- 441-1189

Family Law Hotline

Family Violence Legal Line

Sexual Assault Legal Hotline

Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program
2100 Ross Ave
Dallas, TX 75201

2100 Ross Ave
Dallas, TX 75201

Sexual Assault Legal Services & Assistance Program (SALSA)

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