List of services in the Dallas, Fort Worth area for assistance, counseling, support groups, education, legal resources, etc.
Children’s Services
First Responders
Human Trafficking Services
Legal Assistance
Military Services for Victims
Mental Health/Trauma Services
Shelters/Emergency Housing
Support Groups

The Crime Survivor’s Process

When someone is sexually assaulted and reports the crime they then begin the process of recovery, therapy and legal if they choose. The following list is a list of resources the victims can use in their process of healing and recovery. This list takes you through the process, from the first responders through to the support groups.

First RespondersThis is the victim’s first line of help after an assault. When the police arrive they will take a report and then bring you to the hospital if you desire to go. Call one of the following.

Hospitals – After the authorities are notified the next step is for the victim to receive medical help whether they choose to report the crime or not. Medical help is their right and is confidential. A victim can also go immediately to the hospital without calling the authorities.

Advocacy – The police and hospitals worked very closely with the sexual assault advocacy groups. Advocacy groups have victim’s advocates who will be with the victim while they are in the emergency room and will follow up with the victim after they are released. The advocate helps the victim get acclimated in the process of recovery. They assist them and guide them in needed areas.

Court/ Attorneys – The police who were the first responders notify the District Attorney’s office. The district attorney may want to meet with the client to determine whether a case should be filed against the rapist. Even if the DA chooses not to file because the case is weak the victim can still file a case and go after the assailant.

Counseling & Therapy – It is highly recommended the victims of sexual assaults go through therapy or counseling. This is very key for healing.

Support Agencies & Groups – Support agencies and support groups are vitally important. Support agencies are familiar with the struggles, concerns, trauma symptoms of the survivor. In a support group, you are among others who know the pain of sexual assault. Those in the group embrace and encourage each other. Friendships are birthed. At some point you begin to feel empowered with new hope, new life.