The Holiday season is upon us, a great time for family, food and festivities. This is a time when most people eat what they like regardless of calories. I say eat what you want and enjoy it!  But arm yourself with natural food tools to help such as ginger root tea for stomach ache and digestive issues or avocado, salmon, green leafy vegetables to counteract stress. Eating in moderation is always a good suggestion. Acting on this knowledge may prevent you from engaging in any disruptive and potentially dangerous disagreements. Now let’s see how we can get you through the holidays in the least stressful way, using the foods you eat. Please research other stress-reducing tools such as exercise and proper breathing.

This article was initially written to help individuals that have experienced devastation and trauma however it is an excellent article full of food health information for the average person. For some this is a challenging time, a time to fight depression, loneliness and all those miserable feelings that seem to appear at this time in their lives.What you eat affects your emotional, psychological and mental state of mind? What you eat can make the difference in your actions and reactions with others.Whether you act with anger or calm, depression or hope can be just your choice of foods. For instance, eating sugars and starches in excess affects the nervous system and can cause you to be irritated and stressed more than normal.  Pastas, cakes, desserts, biscuits etc if eaten in excess can affect your mood for the worse. Balance your sugars and starches with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Many people experience stress, trauma or a devastating event. Some recognize the effects of events on their lives while others do not. What happens to the human body when a person experiences devastation, a trauma? The body is alerted into an emergency state and tries to protect itself.The nervous system is now in chaos, shattered internally. It seems that what was once strong and organized all of a sudden is a discombobulated mass of confusion. Trauma is wreaking havoc on the entire nervous system and the body is trying to help itself the best way it knows how. Most people when experiencing negatives in their life turn to comfort food as a temporary fix. Not good.

Healing is in your hands. Choose Wisely!

Healing is in your hands. Choose Wisely!

If you’ve gone through a traumatic experience, you may have experienced the above and be struggling with, depression, nightmares, memory block, memory loss, confusion, anger, irritability,  guilt, insecurity, low self- esteem, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, apathy, fears, unable to concentrate, numbness, social disconnection and  roller coaster emotions.

Do you realize help is within your grasp? Whether the traumatic event is very current or happened in your past, healing is in your hands. Professional help is very crucial to the healing journey of a rape or sexual assault survivor.  Sometimes anti-depressant drugs help as a temporary bandage. However I know there are tools you can incorporate on your own within your life that will help you on your healing journey. The right foods and nutrients is one tool that is very important to healing. The foods you eat affect not only your physical body but your mental and emotional state as well. Anxiety, stress, emotional breakdown, irritability, anger, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, apathy, fears, poor concentration, poor memory and more can be averted sometimes just by a change in diet? How many people could have made it through the moment without harming herself or himself or someone else.  If they only knew the power they had within their grasp. Could it be possible, lives might have had a different outcome?

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