Letter from CJ Hudson, the Founder

Hello Everyone ​

It’s been a while since I updated you. My apology. I am on the road to recovery and doing well. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. It’s important for me to share a little more with you. Sharing more opens one up to being a little vulnerable but, if you can be vulnerable with me, trusting me with your stories, I can certainly do the same with you. Some of you know I have had health challenges for a long time. Well, January of this year I committed myself to conquer my health issues as quietly as possible. In May I was blindsided with another health challenge and ended up in the emergency room. In June I was hit again with yet another health issue and ended up in the hospital for days. That was when I felt it best to postpone Silent Screams Speaks indefinitely. These explosions of health challenges in my life I did not expect when I vowed to conquer my health issues in January.  Recovery is taking a little longer than expected. Sometime within the next six weeks, major surgery will be on my agenda. This is a BIG one, but I serve a big God. I believe in prayer. Your prayers and kind thoughts are appreciated.

All is well. In July I became a grandmother for the second time. I now have a granddaughter and grandson and looking forward to spending lots of time with them after my recovery. It’s important to spend time with those you care about. Enjoy them, enjoy life! Bills and work will always be there, but your loved ones may not. Be nice! I am in the office at times so feel free to contact me. Looking forward to 2020 and engaging with you more.

Love and appreciate you,

Carolyn J Hudson

Silent Screams Speaks is off the air for a little while. The website and newsletter are still active. New articles are being created. Let’s stay connected.