The Police Detective Investigates Finally

I made numerous attempts to speak with the investigator. Finally, it was suggested that I call the assistant chief of the Cedar Hill police. After numerous attempts to speak with the investigator. Jana called me this morning, early about 7:20. She wanted to know how I am doing. Then she transferred me to the detective, finally! While talking to the detective I realized her information was wrong. Her biases against victims of sexual assaults or maybe her biases against black female victims played a major role in her attitude and her delay to move forward in my case.

She was under the understanding that Tumbwe and I were dating, and we were engaged. She had so much incorrect information. I don’t know what she was thinking but I know what she said was wrong. I thought the officer wrote my statement down wrong until I talked to Jana again.  The officer’s report was correct. It was the detective that interpreted or assumed the case very erroneously. Maybe that is why it took her so long to contact me.

Tumbwe was dating someone else, and they were engaged at the very time he raped me. I was informed of that by Pastor Robinson of the church I attended later in the investigation.

I knew the rapist as Prince Abraham Tumbwehx. Early in our communication I googled the name he gave me but found nothing. The detective looked up information on Tumbwehx. She found the name Tumbwe and sent me a fax at work to identify him. The first name was not the same as what Tumbwehx told me. His name is not Abraham but Nathaniel.  The age wasn’t the same either.  This Tumbwe is not 52 but 46.  His birthday is in October but not October 1st as Tumbwe had told me. Her information states the Tumbwe she found in the records has been married two times. He also has a Duncanville address, not Denton.  The detective faxed me a picture of the Tumbwe she found. It was not a good picture but I believe it is him! The detective is going to try to contact the ex-wives and the church to get more information.

The detective called later today and said she contacted one of the ex-wives. The ex-wife said Tumbwe has eight children. She also said she divorced him because he cheated on her a lot. Said he is a very smooth talker. The detective paused and said I don’t know how to tell you this. She kept hesitating to tell me and kept saying I don’t know how to tell you this…

More to come