My Story Part 6 – Am I Going to Die?

Detective Knotts called later today and said she contacted one of the ex-wives. According to the ex-wife Tumbwe has eight children. She also said he is a very smooth talker. Because he cheated on constantly, she divorced him.. The detective paused and said I don’t know how to tell you this. Detective Knotts kept hesitating to tell me and kept saying I don’t know how to tell you this. Tumbwe’s ex-wife said he is HIV positive.

Again, I was numb to what I heard, no fear, no anger, no negative emotion, no questions just numb. The detective was concerned about me but I told her I was ok, and I really was.  Detective Knotts asked the ex-wife questions about being HIV positive and the ex-wife answered all the questions correctly. I stayed un-phased about the news of Tumbwe being HIV positive. However, I knew I had to get checked out.

October 17th

Detective Knotts called me early in the morning. She confirmed with the health authorities Tumbwe is definitely HIV positive. In fact, she said “He has full blown AIDS”. Still I was numb but relieved. Relieved because I felt vindicated. How could they not believe me now! so, I felt vindicated. How many women has Tumbwe raped? How many women has he tricked? How many women has he infected? How many? He must be stopped!

October 23rd

Woke up this morning with my appointments on my mind. Thinking about the assault and Tumbwe, wondering where is he. I had to take off work today for appointments. My second appointment today was with Jana and Det. Knotts at the Cedar Hill PD. Jana greeted me with a big hug, a BIG HUG. It was good seeing her. After greeting me, the detective asked me if I knew why I was there. No, I said but I sensed it was serious. Do I need to take a deep breath I asked? Both Det. Knotts and Jana said yes. Oh my God I thought.

I sat there in front of the detective and stared straight at her. As she started speaking, she lifted up Tumbwe’s picture. Fright came over me as I looked at his picture. I quickly put my head down, closed my eyes to hide. I began shaking. My eyes began to well up with tears. Then detective Knott proceeded to tell me why I was called in.

She proceeded to tell me Tumbwe has full blown AIDS and other STDs for which he was treated.  By this time Jana was holding my hand. I continued staring at the detective as she spoke. They both explained what I needed to do as I asked questions. After the detective left, Jana and I talked.  Throughout our conversation her eyes would well up with tears as I talked. I think I mainly talked of my trust in God. Jana said she really believes I will be fine because of my relationship with God. She honestly sees God in this but asks “Lord could you have used another way to stop this man?” We both asked that question, however I am settled. I accepted the fact that God allowed it. Why I do not know. Since then my thoughts have totally changed. Some people are just evil. Tumbwe and Tumbwe alone chose to attack me. Am I going to die from this? Emphatically NO!

I’m hurting again. Need to be examined. I’m tired. Haven’t been eating right. I know better. The struggle to eat has been extra hard since the assault.

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