Once a year in the month of July, Silent Screams has it’s signature event, Celebrate Life, Afternoon Delight. Celebrate Life, Afternoon Delight is a yearly event where Silent Screams pampers women. The event is free to all who attend, women only. Silent Screams volunteers worked tirelessly to give the guests a wonderful experience. The event was full of fun  and entertainment. A live jazz band,  a comedian, catered meal,  awesome speakers,and gifts are just some of the afternoons delights. Every guest received a gift and chocolate. For three hours Silent Screams pampers the guests and treats them like the royalty they possess inside. Thank you to all volunteers. A job well done.












Celebrate Life, Afternoon Delight is funded by donations. If you would like to view more event pictures click on the gallery. If you would like to make a donation to Silent Screams please click here.


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