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Silent Screams Men – 

Sometime ago I was part of a coed sexual assault survivor support group. That support group opened my eyes and my heart to the struggles of male survivors. I saw the same hopelessness, hurt, pain, grief that so many female survivors experience. I heard the depression, the anger, the emotional frustrations and the desire for a normal life again. I witnessed the empty eyes, far away stares and the masses of pain. My heart cried for them. Though some assaults went back twenty, thirty and forty years it did not matter. The pain was still real and raw.

Male survivors of rape have too long been denied the the support, understanding and the resources. Silent Screams Men will touch on topics pertaining specifically to the rapes of males in our society, the effect on them physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. Though the rape of males has similar effects as the rape of females, such as anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem, there are some distinct symptoms men in our society have as male survivors of rape, such as gender identity, manhood and social rules for men.  This section of Silent Screams will hopefully address issues pertinent to male survivors and give them a source of relief and resources towards understanding themselves and healing.

Silent Screams Men is a new, however permanent section of Silent Screams. It is still under construction. Visit us regularly to view what’s new. In this section you will find articles, videos, testimonies of men and resources of help. For too long men have suffered in silence. It’s time to bring voice to their pain as well! It’s time to help them heal.

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