Step up to the Mic!

Silent Screams Speaks boldly explores, sheds light, gives help and hope to sex crimes survivors. When you tune into Silent Screams Speaks you will hear survivors share their stories and speak words of empowerment. You will learn of the plight and fight of sex survivors, their families and the community. You will learn of the tools and services available to survivors. Silent Scream Speaks boldly proclaims the truth in the hope of bringing new life and restoration to the survivors and the community.

Carolyn is fighter for victims of sex crimes. A survivor herself, Carolyn has a heart of passion and fire for advancement in the fight against sex crimes.  She knows what it’s like to be a silent survivor. She also knows the difficulties and challenges a survivor faces when they choose to pursue justice. Silent Screams Speaks gives survivors a safe place to speak their truth and to encourage others.

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