My Story Part 4 – He’s On My Bus (Repost from 2014)

**This is Part 4 of My Story, Here we begin to learn more about the rapist, the mind of the authorities and the response of the church.  As I continue to struggle for normalcy I realize the rapist has been watching me, when he gets on my bus.

October 9, 2008 – Today is not starting off good.  I do not feel well at all. I continue to be in physical pain and my mind is in a whirl of confusion, preoccupied with the assault. The rapist needs to be made accountable for what he did.

I left work that day at the normal time and walked to my bus stop a block away. When the bus arrived I stepped on and took my usual seat. As it traveled down Main St. I looked out the window at the sights as I always do yet, preoccupied with the horror I experienced a few nights earlier. The bus traveled six or seven blocks. As I veered out the window I saw a figure walking across a parking lot. Is that him? Oh my God! Is that really him? I watched as the rapist crossed the street. The traffic light was green but turned red. My bus stopped at the corner. He crossed the street. He can’t be getting on my bus I thought. What is he doing downtown? He lives in Denton. He can’t be getting on my bus.

Before the light could turn green again he stepped in front of the bus onto my bus. OH MY God! He’s on my bus. He started walking down the aisle towards me. I put my head down in fear. He sat in the seat directly in front of me. Why didn’t I scream? Why didn’t I get off the bus or tell the bus driver? I don’t know. I quickly called a friend on my cell phone. I said quietly. “He’s on my bus. Can you hear me? I’m going to say this slowly and soft. I cannot talk loud”. He is on my bus” I said. “What, he is on your butt” they said. NO, I said. He’s on my bus. Oh! He’s on your bus? Yes, I said. He’s sitting right in front of me. He’s on my bus I repeated. My friends came to the bus station to meet me and called the police. The police never came. Why didn’t the police come?

The rapist got off the bus before me and waited for me to get off. As I got off he called to me and smiled. I waved him away and said I do want to talk to you. I started walking towards my car and stopped in fear he would see where I parked. I waited by the station building for my friends. My friends drove up shortly after. I got in the back seat of the car. The rapist stood by his car looking at us and then left. We left. The police never came.

Could this man have been stalking me? How long has he been watching me? Does he know where I work. He must know. How long has he known? Am I really being stalked by this man? Do I need to get a protective order or something?


I called the leading elder of the church that I had been speaking with about the rape and told him what happened. I asked him if he received any information on the elder who assaulted me. His response was “No, you were supposed to get me his phone number”. What! What! Is not the church supposed to have records of all members especially the elders, ministers and other leaders? This is very disconcerting. Why didn’t the lead elder in charge of the ministers have the rapist’s phone number? Why didn’t he get on this when I first told him I was raped by one of the church elders? Does he not believe me? What’s going on?

This was not a good day for me on all fronts. I don’t know what to do. My mind is mush. Help me! Why is there very little activity in catching this rapist?

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