Holiday Letter to You

Wilderness Girl

To those of you that are emotionally struggling this season. I want to write to you but I’m not sure what to write.  What are you doing this holiday season? I wonder is this a good time for you or a very challenging time. A few days ago I thought about all the souls who will spend this holiday time struggling, in depression, lonely or triggered by some horrible event. It was then that I began crying out to God and praying for you. Please know people care. I don’t know your pain but I pain for you.

What will you do in the next few weeks? How will you spend each day? Will the days be spent building yourself up, encouraging others, enjoying family and friends or do you not even have the strength to get out of bed or out of the slump. I know, some days are still difficult for me as well. But I have a lot less difficult days than I did a few years ago. I really wanted to check out of here back then. This time is not joyous for everyone. I empathize. Volunteering at a charity or just helping someone in need is good medicine for the soul during any challenging time.

It gets better. It really gets better. But, your life needs your help to get better. Don’t make a permanent damaging decision for a temporary situation. How you feel at this moment is temporary.  If you are at the end of your rope or you are in a severely depressing situation, you can pull through. I want you to pull through. Some of you may be at the point you don’t want to pull through. You don’t want to talk to a friend. You don’t want anything but to be left alone. I didn’t either a few years ago. That’s the worst thing you can do. But to tell you the truth you do want something. You want the pain to go away. Whether it’s pain of loneliness, abuse, loss or sickness. You want the pain to go away, someone to feel you, listen to your heart. Can I encourage, that in those times if there is no one to talk to, then take life moment by moment. Don’t look at the week, the day, the hour. Talk yourself out of whatever is stealing your joy. Moment by moment, promise yourself you will get through. Don’t give in until you grab onto hope again. Eventually you will find yourself walking out of the pain, the depression, the hopelessness into peace and possibilities. One day you will look back with amazement and joy.

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